This edition of the event is being hosted by UFMG - Federal University of Minas Gerais

and is being organized by SBRAI - Brazilian Society for Electrical Protection

with the support of LRC - Lightning Research Center (UFMG-CEMIG)

Local Organizing Committee


  • Silverio Visacro (UFMG, Brazil)

Committee Members:

  • Boa Ventura, W. (UFMG)
  • De Conti, A. (UFMG)
  • Silveira, F. H. (UFMG)
  • Lima, A. C. S. (UFRJ)
  • Neves, W. L. A. (UFCG)
  • Nietzsch Dias, R. (CEFET-MG)
  • Tavares M. (UNICAMP)


  • Nietzsch Dias, R. (CEFET-MG)