In spite of the on-line format, this edition of IPST Conference preserves its traditional approach.

There are a few different procedures to follow due specifically to this different format that imposes certain deadlines to allow efficiently organizing the conference, notably those related to the registration of authors and participants.

In order to prevent flaws in the presentations that could disturb the sequence of activities, all authors are required to record their presentation and to deliver the corresponding file in advance.

The Conference will provide means for instructing the authors on how to record their presentations. A kind of training in specific dates will be announced to the authors along with a contact reference (e-mail) for supporting on this task.

Deadline for registration of authors May 22, 2021
Deadline for registration of other participants** May 28, 2021
Deadline for the authors to deliver their recorded presentations May 24, 2021

** It is worth mentioning the limited number of available registrations of the Conference due to the new format.

We recommend those interested in participating to provide their registration very soon, before this number is completed.